It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon. People are skiing on the trails as others are carefully walking on the partly iced paths. AISHA (22) and her family are walking to one of the less used trails passed the small bridge. The parents get some sunflower seeds out of their winter coats and extend their hands towards the forest. Soon enough, small birds are appearing, flying to their hands to retrieve food as Aisha is taking pictures. As she is focused on a bird that has landed on her MOTHER’s hand, someone grabs her by the backpack and pulls her towards them. She turns around. Her FATHER is pointing at the bushes, signaling her to stay quiet.

Among the empty trees, hidden among the brown colors, a small FAWN is looking straight at them. She immediately starts to take pictures. Intrigued by the sound, the fawn slowly walks on the trail. He sniffs the ground before looking at the photographer.

Aisha takes a couple of steps closer before kneeling again. The fawn freezes. Seeing she doesn’t move closer, he goes back to looking at the ground. She takes another round of shots before looking at her camera. The fawn takes a couple of steps towards her. They look at each other. She takes a couple of pictures before taking a step closer. This goes on for a couple of minutes until the fawn is about 0.5 meters away from the closest distance her lens permits in order to have a sharp image. As he is about to take another step, someone approaches from behind, forcing him to move further away.

As the fawn is about to walk back towards Aisha, his mother cry is heard. He happily trots to where she is standing further down the trail.

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8×10, 16×20


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