It is a winter afternoon. Families are happily walking around the middle section of the park, looking for some hot chocolate and hot food at the small sugar shack. Further away, others are walking along an icy path leading in the forest. On the path, between the trees, lucky visitors spot a deer and its family. A family reaches the end where a beautiful wooden structure is standing.

On the ground level, visitors are watching the grey wolves through the glass windows.

On the upper level, a WOLF’S WRANGLER is giving explanations about the species to the visitors circling him. At his feet, a bucket is filled with fresh meat. He grabs a stripe from it and turns to the enclosure. He calls them.

As soon as they hear him, the wolves stop playing and turns to him, impatiently waiting for their next meal. The wrangler throws the first stripe down before continuing talking.

The Alpha jumps down and runs away with it. Under the golden sunlight, the rest of the pack quietly awaits their share of the meat.

Additional information


12×18, 24×36


Alluminium blanc/ White aluminum, Papier métallique/Metallic paper


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