Photo series

The Outaouais Region Through The Eye Of A Screenwriter

A screenwriter doesn't see the world the same way everyone does. We see the stories in each decor, in each scene, but, most importantly, in each picture. We see the little details. We see the beauty in something that others find "normal" and non-appealing. We see the character in the smallest things. For us, for me, a picture is a film. This series starts with the Outaouais Region and, hopefully, will end with the world.

Lockdown pictures/Photos du confinement

Since, in Quebec, the film and tv industry (my main profession) is reopening June 8th, I thought I would post the pictures I was able to take at different stages during the lockdown. All of them were taken in Gatineau. ** Puisque que le Québec déconfine officiellement l'industrie du cinéma et de la télévision en date du 8 juin prochain, j'ai pensé vous partager les photos que j'ai prise tout au long du confinement. Toutes les photos ont été prises à Gatineau. ** **Please note that some of these pictures will be available in my photo series closer to the end of the year. / Certaines des photos présentées ici seront disponible dans ma série photo d'ici la fin de l'année