About me

About me

When the photographer meets the screenwriter

Who am I?

Good question! The answer: an actress, a photographer, a screenwriter, an author, a musician and an animal lover.

I am each thing seperatly and everything at the same time. The most wonderful thing about being all those things at the same time is that you get to see the world differently.

The animal lover and animal shelter employee

That part of me is mainly what got me into wildlife photography. I always had this fascination for animals and how they express themselves. I have always lived with animals in my house and feeding birds outside. It wasn't until I started working as an animal shelter employee, however, that I got to understand them. One of the most wonderful thing that I recall from my time working there is getting to go in the dogs' room and enter the cage with a brand new collar. Every time, for sure, I could see a light appear in the dog's eyes as he got excited. He knew what was happening. He knew what it meant. That light is what I try to capture in each of my photos. I try to capture not just the animal, but their souls.

The actress, screenwriter and author

Passing half of my life creating worlds and stories or bringing them to life, I think, has given me a new perspective on the world. I, not only, see the best picture, but I see the sotry behind it. Ask me about all my pictures and I can give you its story from the smallest to the biggest and funniest. For me, a picture without a story is just a picture without a meaning, and a memory.


My work

I pride myself in taking the best picture from the beginning. Aside from the watercolored edits, all pictures have little to none edits on them. The edits you will find are mostly: contrast, exposure, shadows and highlights, sharpening and transformation into black & white.