About me


I’m Aïsha! I’m an actress, writer, and wildlife photographer!

I know, quite a lot for someone who hasn’t even yet reached a quarter of a century in this world. But, hey! At least my 2 other professions help me with my photography.

Contrary to what you might think, I don’t say that money-wise; I say that in the sense that they help my view of the world.

As an actress and writer, I am trained to see the world differently. I am trained to see how to show the interesting side of something that is normally boring. When I look at a pigeon, for example, I don’t see a dumb animal. I see a world of colors and reflections. I see the little white heart above their beak or the red in their eyes. I see the grey of their feathers transforming into purple and green when the light hits them. I see their cute and romantic side when they are with their partners. But, I also see them as a live version of HeiHei the chicken…. Just like a rabbit or a lion can be.

You see, nothing in this world is not worth taking in pictures, especially in the wildlife. So, with my pictures, I hope to get you to see the interesting and wonderful life of the wilderness that surrounds us.



PS: If you see me anytime while I’m out taking pictures, feel free to come talk to me!*


* As soon as I’ve got the shot 😉


Photo by @isabelleparadisphotographe

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