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The cause of the year:

Outaouais SPCA

This organization is dear to my heart. I’ve been involved with the SPCAO since I was 16. And, before that, I had been walking dogs. 

I’ve been a volunteer, worked there, and even fostered and adopted animals from them. 

So, it just made sense to me that they would be the first of many organizations I would help!  

Starting today, any pictures bought on the website, or at a market, will give back to the shelter! More specifically, to their small animals! 

Why the small animals? Their surgeries, maintenance, and care costs more on average since they need a specialized vet. 

Goals for the year

2 hydroponic garden with seeds so they have access to fresh veggies and herbs everyday


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Toys! Who wouldn’t like some! More enrichment and reusable toys for the small animals! 

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Medical care, including sterilization

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